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Easy Dollar Tree Valentines!

I was in my local grocery store and saw a Valentine’s gift that was similar to the first pic above for $25 and with about half of the candy (and no balloon)! I knew I could do better… so I stopped at Dollar Tree for some supplies, and was able to create TWO Valentine’s gifts for about the same amount!


  • Round Valentine’s themed tub (they have several design options)
  • Valentine’s balloon
  • Pack of hearts on sticks
  • Candy! (I purchased a total of $7)
    • Multipacks (like the Reese’s and lollipops) will give you more for your money
  • Floral foam – I used 2 for this bucket
  • Wooden craft dowels
  • Bag of red or pink paper shreds – find them by the gift bags
  • Masking tape (I already had this on hand)


Cut down your floral foam a couple inches below the top of the bucket so you have room to add the paper shreds at the end. This part doesn’t need to look pretty – you just need to insert as much foam as will fit into the bucket.

After I stuck the foam inside the bucket I added the balloon by just taping it to the back of the bucket. Then started taping my candy to the wooden dowels with masking tape.

If you end up getting smaller sized candy (like the Reese’s), you can tape more than one to each dowel like I did. The next part is easy – just start sticking the dowels into the foam until you like how it looks. You can use mine as an example. The key is to make it look as full as possible. You will also use the hearts on the sticks to fill in the empty spots. As you can see, I just placed one of the candy boxes front and center, along with the lollipops.

Once you are happy with the presentation, fill in with your paper shreds. If you own a Cricut machine, a nice touch is print out a cute sentiment like “BE MINE” as I did and add to the front.

Total cost: $13 . . . A very inexpensive and sweet gift from the heart!


  • Gift box – I used the 5″x7″ size
  • Rectangular floral foam (1)
  • 2 five-stem red roses
  • Truffles
    • Ferrero Rocher (2 three packs)
    • Chocolate truffles (1 pack of 4)
  • Bag of red paper shred
  • White cardstock-optional


Cut the floral foam in half. Also, cut each rose off, leaving about an inch of the stem. Then you will start to insert the stems into one half of the floral foam like so….

Stick the foam into the gift box and make any adjustments to your foam and or flowers so that the top of the roses will be even with the top of the box (slightly over the top is fine also).

Next, add the other half of your foam block and cover it with the paper shreds. This is where you will add your chocolates. You can use mine as a pattern, or make up your own.

The inside lid of the box is just an ugly plain cardboard, so I cut a piece of cardstock to fit and secured it with tape. If you have a Cricut, you can cut out a Valentine’s Day design and adhere it to the cardstock. If not, print something out on your printer, or even handwrite a nice note! Close the box, and that’s it! Another cute and simple DIY Valentine’s gift that won’t break the bank!

Make your own variation – tape a gift card to the inside of the box lid, exchange the chocolates for a small piece of jewelry, or try an entire box of fresh flowers (maybe ask your local florist for tips on using the foam with real flowers since I have not tried that)!

Total cost: $8 … for a quick and classy Valentine’s gift!

Ready to impress your Valentine!

Leave me a comment and let me know if you tried this!

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