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Dry Erase To-Do Board

You’ve seen them at the discount home stores, right? Dry erase To Do lists, calendars, chore charts, etc.. but can you ever find one that is perfectly tailored to you? Probably not, so read on for an easy and fun way to make your own!


If you do not have a cutting machine – use an oil based sharpie pen to write on the back side of your acrylic instead of using vinyl.


Take your canvas and paint, and go wild! Paint anything you want, just keep in mind that this will be the background of your dry erase board, so keep things light. I decided to just do a quick swash of baby blue, like so:

Please… tell me, does it remind you of the jazzy solo paper cups??

my inspiration haha

While you wait for your paint to dry, you can start designing your piece of acrylic. I was deciding between two titles – both are a little on the aggressive side, but I need that sort of motivation!

I designed my title in PicMonkey and then imported to Cricut Design Space. Once in Design Space, you’ll need to create the numbers and lines to complete your To Do board.

Click on the “text” button on the left side and enter numbers 1 through 8 (if you’re using an 18″ x 24″ canvas change the font size to 55). To make your lines, click on the “shapes” button and use the square. You will then resize your square to 11.5″ width and .15″ height, and that will create a nice line for you. You will then duplicate your line to create 8 total lines.

**BEFORE YOU CUT YOUR VINYL** Make sure you mirror your images before cutting! Why? You are going to adhere your vinyl to the underside of your acrylic sheet, as that will keep the front nice and smooth to write on and wipe off!

Once you’ve cut your vinyl, weed your title and apply the transfer tape. That will be centered at the top of your acrylic sheet.

Ignore the fact that these are not mirrored… I make the mistakes so you don’t have to!

Next you’re going to add the lines and I found that the easiest way to do that is to slide your Cricut mat underneath to use as a guide. I did not use transfer tape for the lines or the numbers, I just peeled them off and applied to the acrylic as I found that to be easier and quicker.

Once you’ve got all your vinyl applied to the acylic, grab your gorilla glue. Apply a small amount to each corner of your canvas and gently press your acrylic sheet on top of the canvas. Let dry overnight.

The wooden stretcher bars on the back of the canvas will allow you to just hang it on a nail in the wall. Another option would be to use command strips to keep it more secure. As mentioned in the supply list, a small command strip can also be used to attach your dry erase marker to your acrylic. You could also tie a long ribbon or string to your marker and then staple to the wooden stretcher bar on the back.

Here it is on my wall (before adding my marker)

That’s it! You can modify so many things to make this project work for you. Change the canvas size, collage photos or other design elements to your canvas, change the list to a weekly or monthly calendar… be creative to make this perfect for you!

I’ve got some projects to start!! Let’s gooooooo

Leave a comment and let me know how you liked this project! I’m hoping mine will motivate me to get sh*t done!

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